Product Overview

Take your Marketing and Informational content to the next level

Digital Display System means a physical method of image presentation using LCD, LED, Projection screens, or other functionally equivalent display technologies. Digital Display System as a windows/android based digital installation that displays video or multimedia content. The digital display system provides an interactive solution for knowledge sharing, branding, Promotion & advertisement, exhibiting information, and promotional content in a multimedia format.

A digital signage device is an electronic sign used to convey information to in-store audiences and customers. The Digital signage solution is a Digital delivery of visual content through a network of displays, which can be controlled either centrally or locally. Digital signage software, reservation all the information then process and translate it to the necessary format, which displays on the screen.


Product Details (Queue-pro Digital Display)

Queue-pro is one of the most popular brands of Digital Signage Companies in Bangladesh. Queue-pro Produce digital display board. Which is an integrated solution of digital signage hardware and a centralized programmable digital display board software? The Digital Signage Kiosk software restrains and process all the information for display as digital Image (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.), video, web pages, Infographics, presentation, Maps, newsletter, exchange/service chart, FAQS, Flyers, promotional post, Client Testimonials, etc. Queue-Pro Digital Signage Device specially designed to improve the customer experience at the customer service point of promoting new products and circulate notice and other information in a smoother way. Queue-Pro offers a variety of digital signage displays that equip you to tell stories, engage and entertain, and keep your environment working smoothly. Our latest innovation Queue-Pro digital signage System is a great solution to provide information in every industry from retail to corporate lobbies, from hospitals to hotels, from trade shows to schools and university campuses because it grabs attention whether you want to keep people informed of events and last-minute changes boost sales and brand loyalty tailor marketing to a specific audience or set up emergency messaging. Our Queue-pro digital signage solution takes your marketing and informational content to the next level.




Types of Queue-Pro Digital Display

There are two major types of Digital Display

Interactive Digital Display (Touch Screen)

  • Floor Stand Digital Display
  • Wall Mount Digital Display 

Non-Interactive Digital Display (Non-Touch Screen)

  • Floor Stand Digital Display
  • Wall Mount Digital Display

Floor stands Interactive Digital Display

DigitalDisplay SystemWindows and android digital signage are a centrally or locally controlled Solution for the kiosk. It also comes with interactive options as Touch screen/ Interactive signage. By operating system, we have di or the playback of any kind of information on digital/multimedia format. It is also known as information different types of signage as; Android digital signage and windows digital signage. Available monitor size is 43’’, 49”, 55” and 65”. Digital signage made in Bangladesh and we supply digital signage across the country.

Wall Mount Interactive Digital Display

DigitalDisplay System 2The wall-mounted interactive display is a kind of touch screen with its size ranging from 22 to 46 inch. Its touch mode can be either infrared single-touch type or multi-touch type. Both stability and safety of installation are effectively controlled. In comparison with other digital displays, the wall-mounted interface display can offer a host of advantages, including high brightness, long lifespan, low power consumption, large viewing angle, long-range visibility, easy operation, convenient maintenance, low operation, convenient maintenance, low cost, etc.

The wall-mounted interactive display integrates handwriting function with computer network technology, which called the Interactive White Board. Our product can display text, images, animations, high-definition videos, audios, electronic documents, Internet information, and other multimedia information. It can provide the audience with the maximum visual impact and an unprecedented feeling. Our commercial touch display offers abundant interfaces such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, AUDIO, USB, and VESA interface. It can be connected with either PC or external player of our customers. The touch screen controls through the USB port.

Queue Proactively engaged in trading and dealing Interactive Flat Panel Display/ IFP/ Interactive digital board/ Interactive smartboard/ Magic Mirror. Our product is highly demanded among our clients owing to their optimum quality and high performance. Apart from this, we are offering our products at pocket-friendly prices to our customers within the assured period.


Stand Alone Non-Interactive Digital Display

DigitalDisplay System 3Our Non-Interactive Stand Alone Set is specially designed to offer complete casting solutions in a simple and cost-effective way. It works independently. It has a non-interactive instructions homepage that can be customized to your liking. We can utilize our software to display your customizable information. You can communicate and engage directly with your customers without them having to lift a finger. Our display software can provide you with the opportunity to deliver real Non-interactive Digital Display is more than just a way to display information, it allows you to engage with your customers by providing them with the information they need to know. Communication with your customers is key to the success of your business. By connecting with your customers in an easy, efficient way you build better customer service, an innovative experience, and key customer intel. Through non-interactive digital displays, you can project accurate, up to date information to your customer in real-time. It supports both Windows and Android and is placed discreetly behind the TV.


Wall Mount Non-Interactive Digital Display

An outdoor LED digital display video wall is a cluster of dot matrix led screen, which works as a single unit. It could be in any shape and size and displays information/content on a single screen. The highest quality LED display provides Realistic and Vivid Images, which assist the brand and organization to grab customers and visitor’s attention.