With the rising demands of health and safety procedures, the need to screen employees for illness has increased. It accommodates those needs by acting as a first line of defense to your company’s health. Our efficient face mask detection system integrated with QueuePro complies with government policy “No Mask, No Service”. It facilitates your operations while minimizing the risk of virus transmission between staff, visitors and customers.

QueuePro with face mask detection
No Mask No Token“No mask, No token”
People can pass quickly, avoiding the possibility of cross infection. Our contactless AI based unique solution provides Instant Face Mask Detection integrated with QueuePro can automatically detect mask in the face within seconds. This device is invaluable to carry out employee or customer face mask detection, to reassure customer safety and avoid the spread of viruses. If anyone doesn’t wear mask, no token will be generated for that visitor.
This system utilizes state-of-the-art infrared detection to quickly and accurately check the face mask of your employees and guests before they enter your facility. The system can screen 20-30 people per minute, so there’s no danger of long lines waiting to enter the building.


How does it work?

Add camera with QueuePro

No Mask No Entry

Software integration

Start getting No-mask data in database

Send alerts to Admin and Violators


Key Features of Face Mask Detection System
Keep your visitors safe without approaching them using artificial intelligence

Automated Alert System
Send notifications to the management of people who are not wearing mask.
Face Mask Recognition
State-of-the-art face mask recognition algorithm, trained, and tested across a wide range of datasets to ensure high accuracy rates.
Camera Compatibility
Compatible with all modern camera systems, connected to the Internet.
Easy Implementation
Non-invasive and light-weight, it can be integrated with a minor software update.
No New Hardware Needed
You already have our queue management system or web camera. No extra hardware will be needed for this solution.

• Put customer safety first
• Touchless measurement to avoid physical contact
• Reassured customer
• Real time monitoring dashboard
• Automatically send an alert
• Minimize the effect of covid-19

Use cases of face mask detection
We are offering wonderful new technology to keep your employees and customers safe with minimal effort and costs to meet the current demand. It is supreme for Health Care, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Bank, government offices and other venues looking to provide a safe employee & customer environment.

The Face Mask Detection System can be used at airports to detect travelers without masks. Face data of travelers can be captured in the system at the entrance. If a traveler is found to be without a face mask, his/her entry will be restricted.

The Face Mask Detection System can be used as office premises to detect if employees are maintaining safety standards at work. It employees do not wear mask, their entry will be restricted. The reports of “no mask’ employees will be sent to higher authorities.

Retail locations
Verify that all shoppers, entering your premises, are wearing a health mask without placing a security team on the door of your venue. Maintain a delightful customer experience and promote proper behavior among your staff using a combo of real-time face detection and personalized alerts, issued to employees who are not wearing their mask.

Banks can reassure customer safety and entrance with mask. Never miss a person without a face mask or an unauthorized customer to your bank with an AI-driven system operating faster, cheaper, and more accurately than any group of human supervisors.