Queue Pro has following main feature. By no means is this an exhaustive list, please contact us for your specific requirements.

Features : Customer end

  • Provides touch screen for selecting services.
  • Multi-lingual support (ASCII and Unicode form).
  • Support single / multiple selection of service/s at the time of dispensing the token.
  • Supports multiple services management.
  • Generates tokens which contain date, branch, token number, list of selected services etc.
  • The Kiosk has flash promotional / compliance messages while idle.
  • Generates the audio alerts (voice) and displays the information on the LCD.
  • Categorizes the customers with prioritizing the services

Features : Service desk end

  • Service Officers (CSO) are able to view all relevant information of the customer arriving at his counter like token no., customer type, transactions requested, wait time etc..
  • CSOs are able to view the services aligned against his counter, upcoming token no., past token nos. serviced, tokens missed
  • Facility to redirect / reassign between service to service, counter to counter.
  • CSOs are able to stop or pause operations for his counter for a certain period of time.

Features : Branch supervisor end

  • Provide real-time floor view to the branch manager and enable branch manager to send message to underperforming counter.
  • Allows to activate / deactivate services across the counters.
  • Can define counters, i.e. which counters will do what services and what are the timings of each counter.
  • Can edit / change counter definitions on the fly and token dispensations change accordingly.
  • Allows to view the services available at any counter.
  • Facility of assigning benchmark time for different services.
  • Keeps information of missing token/s.
  • Can manage queue in real time.

Features : System admin end

  • Supports the magnetic strip card reader for card recognition facility.
  • Support generation of unique token number for the day & branch.
  • Supports to change the promotional messages.
  • Easy configuration of the services, desks, persons and priority of the token assignment.
  • Customize menu expandability option.
  • Can select snake queue / fragmented queue system.

Features : Analyzer end

  • Allows to monitor the workload across the counters.
  • Provides dashboard for giving graphical viewing live information of all the counters.
  • Generate reports and convert it to Excel format.
  • Remote monitoring facility, if centrally deployed.
  • Online reporting with data export option for further analysis.