Product Overview

The customer feedback system is a customer feedback tool for measuring the customer’s experience, find out their needs, and evaluate the customer journey with the customer’s feedback. Let’s break it down into pieces, is there progress to a project, a company, a job, or anything in the world as we know it, without feedback? How will you know if you are doing the right thing without any feedback coming from those using your services? Which answers the need for this kind of service. It’s essential for both the business and individuals who are drawn to those services, to build a common ground for them to reach out and engage.

As we all know that customers are a great deal with any company and big companies are looking into implementing these systems to make no exception when it comes to their customers. Businesses value you, their clients, and with that, your feedback is greatly appreciated. The only way one can excel when dealing with a greater audience is through knowing where you stand with the product, that way we can make sure you as a business cater to customer personal needs and what they need specifically.

Product Details

feedback-DiagramThe first question to answer is ‘what you are using right in front of you?’ The only way any business or product can survive in the long run is when its customers are happy with the services. You’ll be pleased to know the entirety of the and that is possible Customer Feedback management Systems, to best improve engagement between clients and businesses to work towards what works best for you. This’s fully automated customer feedback system is essential because as much as a product or services are aimed to improve the lives of customers, it is essential to have a system in place to be the ear on the ground, to be a communication channel for both the business and customers.



Feedback Devices

The customer feedback system is a real-time functional component that provides the full scenario of a customer’s journey. What they had experienced in getting the service or product. And what they think about the full process or related elements work while providing the service. Queue pro customer feedback system comes with a unique solution and instigated feedback app and a feedback device.

We have every kind of device for the Digital feedback system. Customer feedback machines are; Interactive feedback Kiosk, Tab, Podium signage, Digital Signage with can be used as the counter base and centralized.


7e641cac-6761-499b-8a46-3b57ee96b615The counter base customer feedback system uses the tablet such as iPad, Samsung, or others in an enclosure which can be put on a table or counter desk. All the customers can give their feedback after taking any service from the service desk.



The centralized customer feedback system uses digital signage, kiosk, etc. In this term one or two, center-based feedback kiosks can be set up in the middle of the service center of the branch. It also can set up in the entry gate. Customers can give their feedback after finishing all the tasks at the branch. Before exiting from the service center, they can use the kiosk or digital signage to put up their feedback easily.


Admin & Reporting Panel

Admin _ Reporting PanelThe branch admin or the head can view the report from his interface and can mark the employee’s service level quality then can improve the branch service quality if they’re needed. In the Admin and reporting panel, there is a dynamic view, graphs of the feedbacks. The branch head can make different kinds of dynamic reports from the admin and reporting panel. Also, the company’s head also utilizes the admin and report panel from his end.